"My concepts involve qualities of chance, emergent complexity, interdependent and dynamic relationships found in nature and society, coupled with our innate love of chance, underscored with the aquired urge to control, manipulate and predict outcomes."

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analogue photography

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stainless steel sculptures


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The multidisciplinary artist David Fried (1962, NYC) explores the qualities of invisible complex dynamic relationships in the form of minimalistic images and objects. The inherent flexible characteristics of interdependent networked systems operating far-from-equilibrium found in nature and social endeavor, are echoed throughout his sculptural, photographic and interactive works. The artist employs highly symbolic motifs that are universally recognizable as organic or pertaining to natural phenomena with chaotic tendencies, contextually infused with hints of human influence and our urge to control, manipulate and predict outcomes.


In a human world that is increasingly aware of and witness to the influence of self-organizing systems, Fried explores the space between the lingering anachronism of the Newtonian world view and the vandgarde of progressive systems thinking on diverse themes such as communication, sociology, ecology and biology. His essential inspirations value unpredictability, emergent complexity and influence over the illusion of true control.


Adding to the lucid sense of harmony and sensual aesthetic found in his compositions, Fried draws eclectic references from mythological and scientific realms, which are universally present in individual psyches. Much like the ancient’s archetypical signs, he condenses complex contemporary issues into enigmatic symbols that mark pivotal changes in our societies and consensus, whereby fact and fiction become one.


His recent works, consisting of modernized fertility icons, photographs of celestial forces, photograms of cellular membranes, networks and interactive stone sculptures, are fabricated using traditional techniques combined with high-tech processes in a variety of mediums. He synchronizes diverse artistic and scientific disciplines to create contemporary icons that reflect our growing knowledge base in the techno-information era, while emphasizing the affects technology itself has on our personal choices and belief systems.


Fried‘s personal catalytic mix of critique and philosophy, his respect for the unpredictable and non-linear networks, dialogue, art and the sublime, form the core of his various unique projects. Processing these factors into an artistic unity, the artist fuses minimalism and conceptual art with aesthetics and philosophy to create works that aim to transcend diverse cultural boundaries. In his comprehensive work, Fried suggests that the mythological and the scientific involve inextricable systems of belief that must remain in constant dialogue, as art follows life and life follows art.





Arbeiten (2000-) (translation pending completion)



Der 1962 in New York City geborene David Fried abstrahiert in seinen minimalistischen Bildern und Objekten unsichtbare, komplexe und dynamische Beziehungen. Die darin innewohnenden Qualitäten und flexiblen Eigenschaften von interdependenten, vernetzten Systemen, die sowohl in der Natur als auch in sozialen Systemen gefunden werden, bestimmen seine skulpturalen, fotografischen und interaktiven Arbeiten. David Fried bedient sich symbolisch aufgeladener Motive, die universell als organische oder natürliche Phänomene erkennbar sind. Zudem enthalten sie gleichsam subtile Hinweise des menschlichen Einflusses, insbesondere unseren Drang zur Kontrolle, zur Manipulation und unserem Wunsch zur absichernden Prognose.


In einer menschlichlichen Welt, die zunehmend unter den Einfluss sich selbst organisierender Systeme gerät, thematisiert Fried den Raum zwischen dem Anachronismus des Newtonschen Weltbildes und dem neuen, progressiven Systemdenken. Und weit mehr als das: Frieds Arbeiten, insbesondere seine kinetischen Skulpturen, machen diese Systeme erlebbar und verdeutlichen auf beeindruckende poetische Weise, dass sie, wenngleich manipulierbar, so doch nie wirklich zu kontrollieren sind.


Frieds Werke wurden in internationalen Einzelausstellungen von New York bis Sydney präsentiert. Seine Arbeiten sind Bestandteil der ständigen Sammlungen des Kunst Museums Gelsenkirchen, des Kunst Museums Ritter, Waldenbuch, und der Volksbank HQ, Mönchengladbach. Darüber hinaus waren seine Werke neben jenen von Rebecca Horn, Robert Rauschenberg und Alexander Calder in der Wanderausstellung "Drehen, Kreisen, rotieren" zu sehen. In der Ausstellung "Genesis-Die Kunst der Schöpfung" im Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, sind seine Arbeiten neben Duchamp, Beuys, Gormley, Nauman und anderen gezeigt worden. Hans Magnus Enzensberger hat in seinem Buch mit dem Titel:"Why Count On Chance" die Arbeiten von David Fried ebenfalls thematisiert.


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